Collaborative Team-building Workshop

eyeSwap is a collaborative team-building workshop created by Tim Scaffidi, Marc Tomko and Alice Alexandrescu. eyeSwap premiered during Squeaky Wheel's biannual fundraiser event, Peepshow: Its Complicated, in February 2011.

Adopting an other's point of view can be difficult at times, but is necessary for productive relationships. Cohesive team relations are the key to business success. Building a successful team requires strong individual personalities working together to get results. With eyeSwap, “we put the eye back in team”. Using cutting-edge practices and state-of-the-art technology we've re-engineered the team-building experience to give your company the competitive advantage.

Our philosophy is that company wide success starts with one on one couplings, that’s why our field tested method focuses on two participants at a time. Highly trained personnel will outfit, monitor and analyse the participants as they complete team building exercises using our eyeSwap Action Zone™ and eyeSwap stereoscopic head mounted display (eyeSwap HMD™). The eyeSwap Action Zone™ is where the miracles happen. The Action Zone consists of two over head projections (that monitor the POV of participants), two sets of eyeSwap HMDs, and the hands on task-challenge wall and props.

The eyeSwap HMD™ consists of two viewfinders linked to two video cameras providing stereoscopic vision of the wearers reality. eyeSwap HMD™ mediates each participant's point of view, amplifying how they frame their environment while sharpening perception and improving concentration. eyeSwap Neurologists™ confirm that stimulating ocular nerves separately stimulate neural pathways to the amygdula (the brain relationship and emotional center) ensuring participants extreme concern for each other and their combined goal.

eyeSwap differentiates itself from competing mediated eyesight motivational programs is in its innovative SightSwap™ reality inversion technology. As the participants accomplish tasks their eyesight will be periodically swapped: participant A will see from participant B's perspective, and participant B will see from participant A's perspective, forcing teammates into a cooperative, outside-the-box, problem solving mindset. eyeSwap Psychiatrists™ claim the psychological affect of SightSwap’s™ alternating perspectives strengthen participant's empathy capacity for his/her fellow team-mate ten-fold [forging a numinous proactive synergy.]