Dynamism of a Hand

experiments in time and space


Dynamism is a term used by the futurists when describing an object in motion. The concept is similar to the cubist method of visualizing an object from all spacial dimensions at once, whereas dynamism seeks to show an object over a period of time at once. The technique can easily be seen in Giacomo Balla's Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash. As a natural evolution from the origins of the Time Dissection project, which slices through time on a two dimensional plane, the dynamisms shown here are instead built from a three dimensional volume of spatial and temporal image data.

My first attempt to physicalize the effect resulted in two books, one positive space and one negative space. The process also produced a printing matrix which contains a trace of each cut page. The books and print, along with an interactive installation were exhibited at the Western New York Book Arts Center for the Just Buffalo Literary Center's Big Night series.