The Secret of Eternal Levitation

Video Game Installation

I was the interaction design consultant and software developer for Stephanie Rothenberg's The Secret of Eternal Levitation. This project was showcased at ISEA2012 in Albuquerque, NM, as well as the Digital Media Festival 2012 in Woodstock, NY.

The following video is a screen recording of the installation software in action. Installation documentation coming soon.


The Secret of Eternal Levitation
A Project by Stephanie Rothenberg

Created by
Stephanie Rothenberg

Interactivity Design & Programming
Timothy Scaffidi

3D modeling
Courtesy of anonymous Google Sketchup users

Additional 3D modeling assistance
Center for Computational Research
University at Buffalo

Research Assistance
Ellen Rogers

Created through the support of a 2011 HARPO Foundation Award
Special thanks to 2012 ISEA & 516 ARTS

©2012 Stephanie Rothenberg